VIDEO: Bill Gates drives a Ford Focus Coupe

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Bill Gates gave his final keynote address yesterday at the CES Show in Las Vegas, at which he announced a new version of SYNC that adds OnStar-esque capabilities like calling 911 after an accident and recording diagnostic information. Being that Bill will soon leave the company at which he's worked full-time since he was 17 years old, the founder of Windows had some fun and showed a video revealing what his last day at work will be like. It includes cameos from such stars as Matthew McConaughey, George Clooney, Jay-Z, Bono, Jon Stewart, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore and... the 2007 Ford Focus Coupe?!?!?! Done in the style of The Office, the video is hilarious and Bill's self-deprecating humor shows what a loveable billionaire he can be. The Ford Focus Coupe plays the part of his daily driver, on top of which Bill absentmindedly places things and then drives away. Thing is, we know Bill's a Porschephile, with a 911 Cabrio and a rare 959 parked in his garage in Redmond. Do they really expect us to believe SYNC has so much appeal that it can lure a wealthy man away from his German sportscars? Check out the video for yourself after the jump.

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