BBC News video: Air Car out "by end of year," in Europe, for 3,500 Euros

BBC News has done a report on the Air Car recently that shares some exciting details. First, release: The BBC confirms the car will be released by the "end of year" (as the Age reported) and adds it will be released in Europe and India. Second, the cost: just 3,500 Euros which, considering that's the price of the "cheapest model" and conversion rates, somewhat in line with the cost reported by the Age: $8,000AU. Lastly, details: The BBC News also says the car will go 124 miles on a fill-up that will cost 1.5 Euros and will take just a few minutes. This is not a neighborhood electric vehicle because the car will have a top speed of 68 MPH. I can't wait for an announcement about the date and price for an American release!

[Source: YouTube, Raw Story]

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