Paris "about to launch" a cheap rental service featuring 2,000 electric cars

The Times reports, the Mayor of Paris is "about to launch" Bertrand Delanöe, a rental system that includes a whopping 2,000 electric cars. The system is based on Automobiles-en-Libre-Service, which allow subscribers to pick up a car, without booking, at dozens of sites and leave them anywhere in the city. The cost of the system is just a few euros per hour which has gained the scheme the nickname Voiturelib or free car. Two electric cars are being considered: the Blue Car project, a three-seater with 156 mile range and Cleanova which is based on the Renault Kangoo van and was developed by the Dassault aviation firm. The electric car rentals will complement the very popular Parisian bike rental, Vélib.

[Source: Times]

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