Deutsche Welle English has a great video on YouTube called Made in Germany | Top Secret: Experimental Vehicles that includes a look at a DaimlerChrysler hybrid engine still in development. Fire your corporate spies top American automakers and just watch this video above that includes passing a key card locked door with a "no cameras" warning symbol before entering the DaimlerChrysler lab. After making sure the voltage is off, they go inches away from the hybrid engine, take close up shots and the staff just starts talking about it. All the reporter gets is that it's four cylinders before you see them really start to back off on giving out any details.

The video above also includes the design of the cork interior to the vehicle which became the F-700, the DaimlerChrysler concept limo with DaimlerChrysler DiesOtto enging. The video is a little dated because it was uploaded by Deutsche Welle in September 2007 and the F700 was shown at 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. With Detroit Auto Show coming up, I thought it was still very interesting to see how a car made it from sketch to car show floor. The video above is part 2 of 4 and you can watch remaining videos below. Enjoy!

[Source: YouTube]
Part 4

Part 3

Part 1

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