Mercedes will debut F700 with DiesOtto engine at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Mercedes is bringing the green to the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show with their new sedan concept car, the F700. Remember that DiesOtto engine that we told you about a while back? It's making its debut in this new luxury sedan. To refresh your memory, that engine produces 238hp and 295ft-lb. of torque from just 1.8 liters of displacement using some new technology known to many as homogeneous charge compression ignition, or HCCI, which "operates in compression ignition mode under light loads and spark ignition at other times" according to our own Sam Abuelsamid. The fuel mileage of the car with the DiesOtto engine is expected to be almost 40 miles per gallon, which is excellent for such a large vehicle.

The new F700 concept is just one of 18 vehicles that Mercedes is expected to showcase, including new Bluetec diesels and hybrids with both gasoline and diesel engines.

[Source: 4 Cars via Autoblog]

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