Weird auto-related laws: Solo sheep-hauling illegal; drivers can shoot whales

Photo courtesy Elektra Noelani Fisher.

We here at Autoblog observe every most traffic laws. We use our turn signals when changing lanes, we drive the speed limit and we never, ever drive in Alabama while blindfolded. And we always fire our guns when approaching stop signs in Lenior County, Tennessee. And in New Orleans, we are well aware that when our women are driving, we are required to walk in front of the car waving a flag.

And as good Autoblog readers, we know you all do the same. But there are some traffic laws out there you should be prepared for. Did you know it is illegal to sell cars on Sunday in Michigan? Or that in Little Rock, Arkansas, it is against the law to honk your horn at a sandwich shop after 9 p.m.? And in Montana, you must have a chaperone accompany you when hauling a sheep in your truck. Not just a good idea, but the law.

And no matter how tempted you are the next time you pass through Nashville, you are not allowed to tie yourself to a moving vehicle on the highway while wearing rollerblades. City streets might be OK; we're checking on that. Oh, and while in Rockville, Maryland, you'll be breaking the law if you swear while on the highway. We s**t you not.

But perhaps the most important law to remember is on the books in Tennessee. It's highly illegal to shoot game animals from a moving vehicle. Except whales. Shoot all the whales you can from your car while in Tennessee, it's perfectly legal.

[Source: via AOL Autos via CNN]

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