NYPD tries silent running with four Vectrix electric scooters

The NYPD currently maintains a fleet of a few hundred gas-powered Piaggio and Yamaha scooters. As part of a trial program, they are going to try out some Vectrix electric scooters starting next month. The Vectrix scooters are heavier than the Piaggios and cost twice as much. They also only have a range of between 40 and 60 miles. However, they have a 60-MPH top speed, can be recharged in two hours at a wall outlet, and they are the first and only fully electric vehicles certified to travel on any road in America, including highways.

The pilot program is only running with four Vectrix rides. However, the NYPD was the first police program approached to take the scooter maker up on the offer, so the Vectrix will get its first test in what could be the toughest climate possible -- New York's punishing urban terrain and the Northeastern winter weather.

[Source: Newsday via AutoblogGreen]

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