Man buys new truck with only pocket change

Paul Brant, 70, bought his last new truck 13 years ago. Ever since then he's been saving up for his next new one, which he bought Friday with $26,670 in rolled quarters and dollar coins. Clinton County Indiana Sheriff's deputies escorted Brant to Mike Raisor Dodge where the estimated half a ton of rolled coins was traded for a 2008 half-ton 4X4 Dodge Ram.

One of the dealer's sales reps, Keith Gephart, said they appreciated Brant's patronage, but all those coins presented a problem. "No bank wants to take them," Gephart told "The Times" newspaper in Frankfort, Ind. "We've got a Loomis armored car coming."

Brant, 70, says he is as thrifty as his father was, who, Brant says, used to take his family on vacation with the change he'd saved up.

By the way, when Brant bought his previous Dodge truck in 1994, he paid for the whole thing with all the quarters he'd saved up over 23 years. And with the nickels, dimes and pennies, he bought his wife a new Dodge Neon.

[Sources: "The (Frankfort) Times," and "The (Lafayette, Ind.) Journal and Courier"]

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