High gas prices send scooter sales up 400% in Australia

Australia's The Age newspaper reports a 400 percent increase, since 2003, in Scooter sales in Victoria, Australia due to the rising cost of gas and city parking fees. Australia-wide, 15,000 scooters were sold last year, a 300 percent increase since 2003. The Collingwood's Vespa House has seen sales go from two a month to fifteen a month and other scooter suppliers have seen similar increases.
The increase in sales is prompting changes, according to The Age: In October, the city of Melbourne's policy of allowing scooters on footpaths is under review and groups like the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce are pushing for more scooter rights like scooters being allowed to ride in bike paths.

Below the fold is a video of the scooter in the movie Roman Holiday.

[Source: The Age]

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