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Here is a cool little video courtesy of 2 Stroke Buzz, a great site for scooter-related news and stories. The video comes from NBC 5 in Chicago, and according to them, "High gas prices and a commitment to the environment have spiked scooter sales." Sure enough, this is true across the entire country. One company featured in the video is Scooterworks USA in Chicago. This company is closely related to Genuine Scooters, which we have covered in the past. A tip from Scooter Works: "At least wear a helmet and don't wear flip-flops!" Sound advice!

Perhaps the information on licensing offered in the video is correct for Chicago, but it is not correct for most of the country. So, make sure that you check on your regulations first, and even if you don't need a motorcycle license (you probably will), consider taking the test or taking the MSF course anyway. You will not regret it! Head on over to 2 Stroke Buzz for more information on the video and the real story behind it.

[Source: 2 Stroke Buzz]

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