Vespa (or any other) scooters in New York: good idea or bad idea?

I am not really sure if this study is that new or not like it says it is on this page, but the information found in it might be interesting to our readership. The data here suggests that if 20 percent of automobile drivers were instead riding a Vespa in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, there could be quite a few environmental benefits. Take a moment to consider the gas savings and congestion improvements alone. In the interest of full disclosure, certain bits of data from this report might have been provided by Vespa. But, common rational thought is all that is required to realize that the scooters get better gas mileage and take up less space than the automobiles, taxis and trucks that they would be replacing.

Now, whether or not it is a good idea to ride a scooter or any other two-wheeled vehicle on the busy streets of New York is another story. I have driven there myself, and I can safely say that I would rather not drive there again any time in the near future. Mass transit seems to be a better idea for that particular city, I think. Be sure to read the comments left here at Hugg regarding this study.

[Source: Car Devotion via Hugg]

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