Popular Mechanics test-drive the Aptera and comes back impressed

So, Popular Mechanics' senior automotive editor Ben Stewart is a lucky man. He recently drove for 20 miles in the Aptera's teardrop-shaped new electric car. He filmed the drive and got 10 inside-scoop shots. He came back very impressed.

Stewart writes about two Aptera models that are almost production-ready at $30,000 and below: for next year, get ready for the all-electric, 120-mile-range Typ-1 e (this is what Stewart drove); then, by 2009, look for the range-extended gasoline hybrid Typ-1 h, which Aptera says will hit 300 mpg.

The article shows photos from the manufacturing process, analysing construction techniques and design features, such as the 0.11 Cx aerodynamic drag. It also has information on the batteries and capacitors used to boost power. As for the design, Stewart says that the Aptera got more attention than anything he had driven.

Read it yourself.

[Source: Popular Mechanics, thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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