Upwardly Mobile: Ferrari edition Motorola Z8

From its headquarters in Maranello, Ferrari has traditionally operated two divisions: one that makes exquisite road cars, and another that competes in motorsports. More recently, however, a third division has emerged, with the responsibility of conducting the company's ever-increasing marketing enterprise. The Global Branding Division itself seems to be following two tracks: licensing products as exclusive as the road cars and targeted towards their owners, and marketing merchandise to the Scuderia's enormous fan base.
Take for example the ever-popular Ferrari wrist watches: the company teamed up with Swiss watchmakers Panerai to offer a line of exquisite timepieces at big prices, all the while offering the common racing fan a less complicated, lower-cost wristwatch. Ferrari appears to be offering branded mobile phones along the same strategy: the company teams up with Vertu to offer exclusive four-figure devices to Ferrari owners, and with Motorola for more cost-effective (but assuredly still plenty pricey) cell phones.

The latest to fit into the strategy is this Ferrari-edition Motorola Z8, complete with red accents and Ferrari logos, and loaded with special content, including videos, ring-tones and wallpapers. For some reason it even comes loaded with "The Bourne Identity" in mobile format.

Prices haven't yet been released, but while the Vertu sells for thousands, the previous Motorola RAZR Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge retailed for a more manageable $524. The Motorola Z8 Ferrari will be available from Ferrari Stores and select Motorola retailers. Unfortunately for anyone reading this and thinking it would make a great Christmas gift for a certain special someone, it won't be available until after the new year, so consider putting a personal voucher in with the card instead.

[Source: Kataweb via Unwired View, Motorpasion and CarScoop]

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