MINI Crossman CUV to use 1-Series parts

Motoring File is reporting that the upcoming MINI CUV dubbed Crossman will share elements with the BMW X1 SUV that itself is based on the 1-Series. You heard that right: the MINI Crossman will have parts from the 1-Series, although we don't know which ones will be crossing over just yet. The cross-use of components will save time to market and production costs for both brands. Hopefully the strategy will also keep both new utility vehicles around the same price as their competitors, unlike the BMW 1-series.

Recent spy shots show the Crossman to have the appearance of a raised Clubman, but while the test vehicle only contains two doors, the production version is actually expected to sport four. It will also be larger in every dimension over a standard Clubman, so the pics we keep seeing of a raised Clubman like the one above don't really tell the whole story. Also, don't worry, as the component sharing does entail the inclusion of an AWD system adapted especially for the MINI's configuration.

[Source: Motoring File]

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