Chrysler No. 56 on 101 Dumbest Moments in Business list

Fortune has called the notorious, dog-frying Dodge Nitro commercial done by BBDO Netherlands the 56th Dumbest Moment in Business. If you initially missed this story and are jjust hearing about the spot for the first time, you might think Fortune iseither picking on Chrysler or that it was an exceedingly smart year for business, because how could a car commercial be that dumb? Then you'll watch it and understand.

We continue to laugh at the absurdity that several groups of really smart people gave that commercial an "A.O.K.!" If they just would have gone with the idea that lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice, they might have been all right. And the point they were trying to make was obvious after the first hit -- but really, folks, does no one at BBDO Netherlands own a dog or get Atlanta Falcons football games on satellite?

Chrysler pulled the ad (long before it made the Fortune list), saying it "didn't have full knowledge of the ad's existence." We'll set aside the issue of how you only have partial knowledge of an ad. The other claim could have been that it was meant to be a Europe-only ad -- but at this point, if the ad people still need more lessons in The Internet Goes Everywhere 101, then making 'shocking' commercials is probably the least of Chrysler's concerns. Still, we're kinda surprised that this is one of the dumbest things in business all year...

[Source: World Car Fans]

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