Finally! GM to widely incorporate Bluetooth by 2009

One of my biggest pet peeves about the new GM cars I've driven is the unavailability of Bluetooth. Let's face it: most of us use Bluetooth-enabled phones, and as more manufacturers incorporate Bluetooth connectivity into their cars and trucks, GM's apparent lack of action on this front makes it look bad.
Consider the new CTS. It's a fantastic car that can be had with full iPod integration, the Gracenote database for your CDs, a 40GB in-dash hard drive, but not Bluetooth integration for your phone. It's a glaring omission in a car that otherwise uses technology to good effect. This applies almost everywhere -- Escalade, Malibu, Denali, you name it -- with the notable exception of the Cadillac STS. If you're not rolling in the CTS' big (and less appealing) brother, you either have to use a headset or the OnStar phone system. This is stupid. Thankfully, it's going to end.

In a reader Q&A session at the GM FYI Blog, Phil Colley of GM Performance Parts responded to a question about GM's dearth of in-car Bluetooth offerings, saying that the General will soon undertake the "broadest rollout of Bluetooth in the industry," with the technology appearing in 30 vehicles across the GM range by MY '09. So, if you want Bluetooth in your new Chevy, you still have to wait a little longer, but at least you know the General's going to get with the program soon enough.

[GM FYI Blog via The GM Source]

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