Back at EVS23, Ford handed over the keys for a plug-in hybrid Escape to Southern California Edison. I've finally had time to edit together the video I shot that day, so watch it already. :)

In the first part of this video (above) we see the PHEV Escape arrive at the Anaheim Convention Center and the official handoff of the keys from Ford to SCE. As you can see, Nancy Gioia, Ford's director of sustainable mobility technologies and hybrid vehicle programs, doesn't answer a lot of questions about the vehicle's battery, but does say that the PHEV uses a 10 kWh battery. Ford's Susan Cischke, senior vice president, sustainability, environment and safety engineering, sat down with AutoblogGreen after the hand-over to talk about the car and the unique (as far as I know) input screen in the vehicle that lets the driver adjust the gasoline and electricity costs so that the cost per trip is accurately displayed during the drive. Very sweet.

Part two of this video will be posted is now available after the break once I finish editing it.

In this second video, Greg Frenette, Ford's ZEV programs chief engineer, research and advanced engineering, describes what it is that he's most interested in learning from SCE. Ford will have engineers out in California with SCE during the fleet tests, getting to know the people who use the car and seeing how the Escape PHEV performs for them. As we mentioned in our original post, Ford will deliver a fleet of 20 of these vehicles, and the later versions will be changed and updated as required by what is learned in the early stages of the test. Take a look.

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