New Ford Ka debuts in Brazil

Ford of Brazil has officially introduced the second generation of the tiny Ka [Edited: At leeast for Brazil], a model that will be put on sale in January. Europe's version of the model will be introduced by the end of next year, with no significant changes from the model pictured here (get more pictures at Autoblog en Español here), [Edited] since it will be based on the same plattform as the Fiat 500.

The new Ka has a more simple and attractive style, although it loses part of the former model's personality. The car has gotten bigger, has a better trunk and better equipment (you should see the radios the old model had). The new Ka measures now 3.83 meters (up from 3.62 on the previous model) and 1.64 meters wide (one centimeter more), while height increases to 1.42 meters (1.38 on the previous model). The trunk's capacity increases as well, from 186 to 263 dm3.

All Brazilian models will be flex-fuel capable: a 1.0 liter engine capable of 73/70 HP (gas/ethanol) and a 1.6 good for 110/103 HP. Prices in Brazil will start in 25.190 reais (about $14,000 or 9,700 EUR) up to 36,390 reais for the top model ($20,250 or 14,000 EUR).

[Source: Autoblog en Español]

[Edited: Thanks to Mattias for the corrections]

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