Volvo & Saab teaming up to bring 10 plug-in hybrids on the road by 2009

The Volvo ReCharge

Well, for this post we're going to need to rely on our tipster, Stefan N. The link he sent is to a story in Norwegian (I think), a language I can't read. Therefore it's difficult for me to confirm any of what Stefan N. says (and Google Translate doesn't have Norwegian). Still, what I hear the story says is that Volvo and Saab are collaborating on plug-in hybrids. "In brief, Volvo and Saab plan together with Vattenfall (electric supplier) and ETC (battery provider) to have 10 PHEV in traffic by 2009. The project has budget of 10 million US$," he writes. I do see words like "Saab" and 'Volvo" and "plugin-bilprojekt" so it seems accurate. I've asked Stefan for more help, but does anyone else want to flesh out the details?

[Source: Miljorapporten, h/t to Stefan N.]

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