Enter the Rumormill: Ferrari 599 roadster and F149

The internet, as usual, is rife with speculation. Today's source is the FerrariChat message forum, where members claim to have inside information on two new Ferrari models that are anticipated for launch within the next couple of years.

The news concerns a convertible version of the current 599 GTB Fiorano, an illustration of which you see above (courtesy of AutoGespot). FChat member "supraman55" says his local dealer confirmed the upcoming model for a debut at either Detroit or Geneva in 2009. Speculation surrounding the 599 Spider is backed up by an interview with Ferrari's General Director, Amadeo Felisa, which appeared recently in the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport. When asked about a convertible 599, Felisa confirmed that Ferrari is developing such a model for possible production in a limited series like its predecessor, the 575-based SuperAmerica. We'll add our own fuel to the fire by speculating that, based on traditional Ferrari nomenclature revived for the 599 GTB, the roadster will likely carry the 599 GTS designation, perhaps married to another name to replace Fiorano for the open-air version.

[Sources: FerrariChat, Auto Motor und Sport, AutoGespot]

Aside from the roof mechanism, don't expect much else to be changed, save for some possible additional body reinforcement to maintain rigidity without a roof, which could retain the same format as the SuperAmerica's unique mechanism or go another way. According to the report, Ferrari was motivated to chop the top off the 599 when it saw the Mercedes SLR Roadster.

In addition to the 599 roadster, FChat member "icemanbops" claims to have confirmation directly from the factory in Maranello on the "entry-level" model code-named F149. The model is expected to be a 2+2 with styling similar to the 599, but with a fully automatic folding hard-top and a 500-hp V8, slated for debut at the upcoming Paris auto show in September advance of late-2008 delivery.

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