Limited MINI Clubman availabilty in the U.S. for 2008

Add another model to the Limited Initial Availability pile: the MINI Clubman. It's being reported that BMW only plans to provide US dealers with four -- that's right, four -- MINI Clubman's "for the first few months of US production."

The Dodge Charger is going into limited production its first year in order to keep the car exclusive. The Malibu Hybrid is only being sent to certain dealers in order to make the best attack on its competitors. The MINI Clubman will make its way here in so few numbers not just for exclusivity's sake, but because BMW apparently makes more money on a MINI sold in Europe than one sold here, and Italy has been identified as the largest market for the little big MINI. For those of you interested in the 3.5-door, do you hear that? Yeah -- it's the sound of a long wait...

[Source: Motoring File]

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