Video: GM's Jon Laukner shows off the first Volt battery pack at EVS23

During the Electric Drive Vehicle Symposium (EVS23) held this past week in Anaheim CA, attendees got the first public glimpse at the first prototype battery pack for the Chevy Volt. GM's Jon Lauckner, VP for Global Program Management gave a presentation at the conference that Matt Kelly from NextGear captured on video. Most of the presentation was a repeat of the standard one GM executives have been giving for the past year on how much energy the world uses and how much that amount will increase over the next two decades as well as explaining the basic premise behind the E-Flex architecture. If you haven't seen the presentation before, it's worth watching. However, the last five minutes include the latest updates on the Volt development program. As we know the first prototype pack arrived at GM's labs about six weeks ago and a couple of Lauckner's slides show photos of the pack on the bench being tested. AutoblogGreen has spoken to Jon Lauckner on numerous occasions over the past year, such as the conversation we had the Management Briefing Seminar last August. You can watch the whole EVS23 presentation after the jump.
[Source: NextGear]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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