Autoblog Green Podcast #10

Autoblog Green hits podcast number 10, which has us talking about Martin Eberhard's move at Tesla, for starters. The car is still on track, regardless of management. We've got a couple of interviews, one with Nick Kovics from Ballard Power Systems about the fuel cell work they've been doing with Ford for the Fusion 999 and Ohio State's streamliner and the second with John Laukner talking about batteries for GM's EFlex architecture in the Chevrolet Volt. Speaking of the EFlex, we discuss A123 Systems contract for battery cells for the Volt, and their status as a Tier 1 supplier for GM. We did have a little technical trouble with Sam's feed this week, but we think you'll be able to get the gist of what we're saying. See you in two weeks!
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