Pics from the set of Knight Rider TV show

While it might be a dubious pursuit to rehash old B-level (or lower) TV series for a new generation, the possibility of a crap product has never stood in the way before. Indeed, the retreading of Knight Rider is underway, with shoots already taking place. Love it or hate it, it will hit the small screen, and if you can get over the fact that it's not the original, it might be fun. If it's rotten, it won't hang around long anyhow. It's not like the original series was Citizen Kane, so let's just be thankful that there's a new shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.

Hollywood blog The ODI managed to finagle some time on a location shoot for the new series and snapped some stills. There's no shots of the new KITT, but our old pal the Knight Industries Two Thousand is there in this garage scene. The premise apparently is that the old KITT is being rebuilt in a garage/lab after being totaled. The shop is set up with automotive parts and tools, as well as much-later F-Body than the original (check out the taillights). We would have imagined that KITT's powerplant was something more exotic than a carbureted small block with an Eaton-style supercharger. Maybe that's the engine they removed to put in the exotic hydrogen turbine, or nuclear reactor, or whatever. Can we get a rewrite?

[Source: The ODI via SpoilerTV, Photos: The ODI]

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