CES 2008: Jeep GPS RT 300 rubberized for its protection

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It's December, which to us means holiday lights, tinsel and the first trickle of CES news. Come January, you'll be able to buy this Jeep-branded, rubber-encased, mud-treaded Jeep GPS RT 300. It sports a 3.5" LCD touch-screen, built-in MP3 and video player, and, just to make driving that much more difficult, an eBook reader. We'll try and find out where this piece of hardware's actual guts come from at CES, since we're pretty sure Jeep hasn't begun manufacturing consumer electronics under our noses.

Expect to pay about $399 at the first of next year, about the same time we'll be bringing you live coverage of CES, the world's largest collection of electronics, geeks and ear-bursting subwoofers.

Click on the photo for a high-res version, and read the entire Jeep GPS RT 300 press release after the jump.

[Source: Jeep]



Jeep Consumer Products is introducing the exciting new Jeep® GPS RT 300. This handy device is made for people who live life without limits. Like other Jeep Consumer Products, the Jeep® GPS RT 300 encompasses all the qualities consumers have come to expect from a Jeep vehicle – durability, reliability, ruggedness and style. With the Jeep® GPS RT 300, users will always be prepared for an adventure.

Jeep® GPS RT 300: The Jeep® GPS RT 300 leads adventure seekers in the right direction, allowing complete freedom to travel and explore. Easily get from point "A" to point "B" with a turn-by-turn voice navigational guidance system for every state in America. The GPS unit can pin point an exact location to within 3 meters every time. The user-friendly 3.5 inch LCD touch screen menu allows travelers to easily access all the innovative features the GPS has to offer, including a built-in MP3 player, video player and eBook. Also included, just for fun, is a guide with one million points of interest.

MSRP: $399
Availability: January 2008

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