Rendered Speculation: Mazda's Taiki-inspired RX-7 revival

"We've just introduced a special edition of the RX-8" was the response from a Mazda rep when asked when we might get a new RX-7. Not the answer to the question, but we understand that it's all hush-hush when it comes to whatever might be in store on the 2-door, rear wheel drive, not-an-MX-5 tip. A new RX-7 (FE?) will debut within the next three years according to Autocar, and it will be the first production car to carry the design themes presented in Mazda's latest series of concept cars (Nagare, Ryuga, Hakaze, Taiki). The RX-8 will be freed up to evolve into more of a GT if the 7 comes to be. Autocar has had its digital image wizards whip up what they think the car might look like. We hope not, as it looks like what might happen if a Corvette stopped short in front of a Testarossa. In other words, it looks like 1988.
Joining the new "flow"-ing exterior lines will be a thoroughly revised rotary engine. Bumped out to 3.2 liters, the new Wankel will have direct fuel injection and sport forced induction via turbocharging. Reshaped combustion chambers are said to improve thermal efficiency, burn more completely, produce more low end torque, and return better fuel economy (woo-hoo!). We're surprised they didn't switch it's fuel to Unicorn sneezes, as the rest of the improvements seem like a fairy tale outcome for the wimpy, thirsty Wankel we know and love.

[Source: Autocar]

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