Green plan for fleet management

A Spanish Leasing/Renting company called LeasePlan (which actually manages company car fleets) has launched a program called GreenPlan which is an "efficient management program" based on vehicle CO2 emissions. The plan aims to balance green and "real driving" for its 8,000 customer companies and 97,000 drivers.

The aim of the program is to reduce CO2 by reducing fuel consumption, which is claimed to be 20 percent of the costs of fleet maintenance. GreenPlan expects to reduce by at least ten percent the fleet's global operation costs with this measure, which constantly monitors the cars' CO2 emission figures with a tool named "Ecocalculator." These figures will be sent to customers so companies will be able to assess their environmental impact.

GreenPlan cars will also have an Energy Efficiency color label that will show how polluting a vehicle is. The color will be determined by comparison with the average pollution figures of all cars sold in the country on a yearly basis.

[Source: LeasePlan]

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