Who's behind a better lithium-ion hybrid/EV battery? Why, it's Exxon Mobil

When we write about Exxon Mobil here on AutoblogGreen, we mostly do it to point out just how much money they make. In 2006, after all, the company did make $1,252 every second. Sometimes we write about their shady ethanol studies or other ways the giant oil company is trying to buy off scientists. What I'm saying is that it's not too often that we say somewhat nice things about Exxon Mobil.
Today we do. The AP has a story about Exxon's new greener car announcement. Apparently, the latest technological advancement the company is working on (with Japan's Tonen Chemical) is a new film for lithium-ion batteries that would make electric and hybrid cars more efficient and affordable. Exxon will release more information at the Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (aka EVS23) in Anaheim. I'll be attending that conference, and will make sure to bring you more details from Exxon.

[Source: AP via CNN Money]

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