Renault Kangoo ECO: Green cargo hauling

Renault is really serious about promoting its ECO² label (besides the funny ad). We can arguably say that the ECO² models a re just the base versions with minor tweaks to reduce CO2 emissions, but the truth is that the French marque is betting hard on reducing those emissions.

Now it's the time for Renault's Kangoo vehicles. The Kangoo is a panel van which is as large as a Golf yet can haul a full Euro-pallet load. It's ugly but it's also effective, and the 70 and 85 HP versions of it can have the ECO² label: They're built in an ISO 14001-certified plant and produce less than 140 g of CO2 per km. It's also produced with at least 5 percent of recycled plastics and you can even use up to B30 with full warranties.

Surely, this is something Fiat was thinking about too. But their model is smaller.

[Source: Renault]

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