Haldex developing AWD system for Hyundai

The Swedish engineers at Haldex can finally add an Asian automaker to the ever-expanding list of companies using the firm's all-wheel-drive systems. Haldex currently supplies systems to the entire Volkswagen consortium (from Audi to Bugatti), as well as Land Rover and Volvo. Additionally, the Haldex XWD system that's finding its way into Saabs will likely spread across much of the GM range in the future. That same AWD setup is the basis for a system that will be employed on some Hyundai models in the coming years.

Haldex announced the partnership late last week when it received a prototype order from Hyundai, which includes the development and installation of the fourth generation "Limited Slip Coupling" and electronic LSD. The XWD system has the ability to sense a loss of traction and then distribute power to either the front or rear axle and on to an individual wheel.

There's no word on what vehicle will be used as a drivetrain guinea pig during testing, but the smart money is on some form of SUV or large sedan.

[Source: Trading Markets]

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