Video: first look at John Goodwin's diesel add-on kit

NBC News got a look at mechanic John Goodwin's soon-to-be-released add-on kits for diesel cars in this video. The NBC video also takes a look under the hood of John's turbine, hybrid H3 that will get 60 MPG. That's not the only TV interview John has done recently. As promised, here is the article and full video of singer Neil Young and John Goodwin's appearance on CNN. In the CNN interview, John says "it's not cost-effective for someone to run out and spend $40,000 to double the fuel economy, but I have no shortage of customers." The CNN article also says John's $200 green conversion kit will include downloads to your car's computer.
John also did an interview with NPR's Weekend Edition last Sunday spreading the world that cars can be green and powerful. "The ironic thing is you can have a 1,000 horse power vehicle and get 25 MPG," says John. Below the fold is a video John did in June with Media Talk. Is John the first green, celebrity mechanic?

[Source: CNN, NPR, NBC News, Media Talk]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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