Audi TT mobile phone lets you keep trademark lawyers on speed dial

This is likely the only car-shaped mobile phone we've ever seen, and definitely the first one shaped like an original Audi TT. The GSM phone features a 2-inch touch screen, 1 gb of storage, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and 240 minutes of talk time per charge. Unfortunately, it does not come with an English-language manual.

Though the real TT was sometimes maligned as being too small, we get the impression this phone has the opposite problem. We can't (actually, we'd just rather not) imagine what kind of bulge this thing would make in your pants.

It's definitely not a Ferrari mobile phone or even Lamborghini, but you can get yours now for only $160. Or buy in lots of 26 for $151 apiece and give everyone in your family a Chinese ripoff of great German design.

[Sourcer: Shopkami via Carscoop]

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