Tunage: LSE Design Range Rover Sport Coupe

A couple of months ago, Land Rover released a blurry shot of what looked like a concept for a Range Rover Coupe SUV. We still haven't heard a peep more about it, but if you liked it and you want a two-door Rangie a little sooner, LSE Design out of the UK will gladly hook you up with one.

LSE is making just 100 of the 2-door Range Rovers you see above. The engine is tuned to 500+ HP, the body is made entirely of carbon fiber, the roof is a glassy panoramic affair. There are even LED lights placed all around the vehicle, in case you wish to rent it out as a Christmas ornament.

And should you decide you need to place an exclamation point on your extremely limited supremely powerful carbon fiber 2-door Range Rover, you can have diamonds placed in the speedometer at 10 MPH increments. In return for the privilege of owning this vehicle, you will give LSE Design a cheque in the amount of $200,000. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to answer the phone -- it's Posh Spice calling....

[Source: Piston Heads]

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