Veggie Girls - six college students cross the country on vegetable oil

Six female college students from schools across the country who call themselves the Veggie Girls decided that high gas prices and carbon emissions were old school. The new thing is finding out "just how far their vegetables can take them" and so the students, from Vassar, Stanford, Scripps, Cuesta, UCSB and Cal Poly, took a two-week trip earlier this year across America in a vehicle running on vegoil. The Veggie Girls got a dozen donors to sponsor the $3,000 conversion of one of the girls' father's truck. The conversion kit came from Plant Drive, a Berkeley-based business. While on the road, the Veggie Girls kept an eye out for Asian restaurants to get their fuel. Actually, their eyes were glued to phone books and GPS units to find these restaurants. Random chance is so 2000. Read more here.

Five of the Veggie Girls (the full roster includes Caitlyn Arigo, Audrey Faber, Rachel Faber, Jenny Morrill, Alyssa Tennant, and Aubrey Wynn) will speak about the trip at Cuesta College tomorrow evening.

[Source: New Times SLO]

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