Volkswagen Up! wins Autocar Award for "Concept Car of the Year"

The Volkswagen up! concept car (whether in the original or the space or the possible fuel cell variant) is popular not only with AutoblogGreen readers who wouldn't mind buying one (or two) from VW but also with people in the industry. Last night, the up! won the Concept Car of the Year honor at the Autocar Awards. According to the Newspress release, Autocar editor Charles Hallett said the up! was "a brilliant concept car – but, importantly, a concept car that will become a reality. We like to think of it as a 21st Century Beetle – a stylish car that will provide affordable motoring for all, both here and in the developing world." Whatever the third variant is, we'll be seeing it later this week from the LA Auto Show.

[Source: Newspress]

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