You want your car to run on electricity? I've got a guy...

If you're like me and you live near Lemont, Illinois, there's a small company called Pioneer Conversions that can convert your ozone-eating, oxygen-depleting, daisy-choking, baby seal-killing gasoholic car into a clean green driving machine. They specialize in Cavaliers, Saturns and small pick-up trucks, but that isn't stopping them from working on a Porsche Boxster or an MG B. They say conversions will run you $10-20k, or you can buy the parts from them and have a go at it yourself.
Before the comments ensue about it not being cost effective - you're right, it isn't. $10K+ in addition to the donor car is hard to swallow, unless your reasons go beyond saving money. If it's about saving the ozone, the air, the daisies and the baby seals, or simply alleviating your own conscience, this is one way to do it. The guys at Pioneer Conversions thankfully seem to be willing to work on other models besides the plastic domestics, so you won't have to deal with the amenity trade-offs in some hybrids or electric cars. They don't try to sell it as a money-saver either, so they appear to be honest eco-mentalists. Interestingly, they are able to convert a car to electric with an automatic transmission, something I haven't heard of before in a conversion. Follow the yellow brick 'Read' link to see their homepage.

[Source: JD Electric Vehicles Inc. -- Thanks for the tip, Sean!]

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