Catch "Travolta Fever" on eBay

By buying this (garishly) customized Firebird, you're really purchasing a way of life. Inexplicably listed as a 1971, when it's clearly about a decade newer, this car is your ticket to a full-on star shrine. You get the car, a trunkful of memorabilia and knicknacks, even a domain name ( The car itself was built in 1979 by George Barris, and it encapsulates some of the pop culture ethos of the late 1970s. The interior has a manly theme inspired by Urban Cowboy, though when we set our gaze upon it, all we could think was Brokeback Mountain. Nevertheless, it's certainly better than the stock Poncho interior was. The exterior has been flared in an odd way, endowed with a large spoiler, and painted in the fashion of the time. The car is actually named "Travolta Fever," so says the hood. How awesome, you could have a Firebird named after the same virus that inspired Travolta to release a double album.

All snarkiness aside, it's a cool piece of Kustom Kar history, which is inextricably linked with a well known Hollywood star. Star value always inflates car prices, for better or worse. This one comes with a collection of other memorabilia, as well, and looks to be in good shape. There's no telling whether it will truly appreciate in value, but $25,000 isn't that outrageous for a car with a known celebrity link that comes with all kinds of extra stuff. Some of that stuff includes a Revell scale model kit, a copy of the "Travolta Fever" double LP, and various other pieces signed by George Barris. You're guaranteed to draw a crowd at your local car show with this thing, even if you're parked next to a Bandit Trans Am.

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