15 million VW Passats in the world; BlueMotion version given to bone marrow donor center

15 million anything is a lot, but when it comes to cars, it feels like an even bigger number. Thus, Volkswagen is celebrating the production of the 15 millionth Passat today at its Emden plant in Germany. In a green/charitable touch, VW donated the car, a silver Passat Variant BlueMotion 1.9 TDI with 77 kW (105 HP), to the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Center).
VW has been making Passats for 34 years, and the new BlueMotion editions have been winning eco certificates with their decent CO2 per km emissions numbers. VW also sells a bunch of these cars in Germany and worldwide. Congrats.

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[Source: Volkswagen]
Volkswagen celebrates 15 millionth Passat world-wide at Emden plant

Group Board of Management Member Prof. Jochem Heizmann presents Passat Variant Blue Motion to DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Center)

Emden, 09 November 2007 - Today, the 15 millionth Passat produced throughout the world rolled off the assembly line at Volkswagen's Emden plant. Official DKMS ambassador Sybille Beckenbauer accepted the vehicle as a donation from Prof. Jochem Heizmann, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Pavel Vacek, plant manager at Emden and Peter Jacobs, Chairman of the Works Council of Emden plant.

The anniversary vehicle is a Passat Variant BlueMotion 1.9 TDI in arctic blue silver metallic with 77 kW (105 HP). The Passat is one of the most successful Volkswagen models throughout the world and also one of the most popular midsized models in Germany.

"Fifteen million Passats produced in 34 years are a fantastic achievement which everyone at the Emden plant can take pride in together with all the other members of the Passat family at plants throughout the world," Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann stressed.

Plant manager Pavel Vacek added: "This round figure has a very special significance for our plant. Of the 15 million Passats produced in total, 5.9 million were made in Emden. This indicates the tremendous importance of the model as a symbol for our plant and our region."

Works Council Chairman Peter Jacobs commented: "13 plants around the globe have been involved in the Passat success story since 1973 and the model has provided work, security and income for people throughout the world. The Passat has become a flagship of the Volkswagen brand. At Emden, we are proud of the Passat and we share this success with our colleagues at plants around the world.

On the presentation of the vehicle in Emden, Sybille Beckenbauer said: "I am very pleased that Volkswagen has actively supported the charitable work of the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS) for many years. By presenting the 15 millionth Passat, Volkswagen has provided the DKMS with even more mobility, flexibility and safety. This is important for the large number of tissue typing campaigns organized by the Center for leukemia sufferers throughout Germany. Potential stem cell donors are included in the world's largest donor database."

The popularity of the Passat with Volkswagen customers throughout the world is underlined by the accolades received by the leading mid-sized model from specialists, journalists and customers over the past few months. In particular, the Passat BlueMotion has been awarded the coveted "Auto Environment Certificate" by the ├ľKO-TREND institute; the Passat is therefore one of the most environmentally compatible automobiles of 2007.

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