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Completely loaded Pontiac G8 may will cost just $32,895

UPDATE: Full pricing for the 2008 Pontiac G8 have actually been available at least a week, but we guess no one really noticed what a deal it was until now. You can check out the pricing in detail here on AOL Autos.

We were surprised and delighted when Pontiac announced that the highly anticipated G8 GT would start under $30,000. We assumed, however, that additional options to make the car more enjoyable would increase the price quickly and dramatically. According to a tip we received recently, that may not be the case. This document shows a breakdown of 2009 G8 pricing that reveals the most expensive combination of trim level, packages and individual options could add up to a G8 GT with an MSRP of just $32.895. That's barely $2,000 over the base price of the G8 GT model. It also includes a set of 18-inch all-season tires that cost $150. Delete that option and stick with the 19-inch wheels wrapped with performance rubber and the price drops to just $32,745.

While the document, which appears to be a scan that includes employee pricing as well, could be a fake, we don't suppose there are many folks out there who go to the trouble. It lists the exact same base prices for both the G8 Base and GT models that GM announced in early October, but also includes pricing for both the Premium and Sport packages that can be ordered together on either the Base of GT model. It also reveals pricing for the Power Sunroof to be $900.

One feature that seems to be missing entirely from the G8 is a sat nav system, which would add around $2,000 to the price if available. We couldn't find any mention of one on Pontiac's G8 microsite, though it does mention the inclusion of either a 5.0-inch multifunction display or 6.5-inch color LCD depending on the stereo system ordered. A sat nav system can be ordered on various versions of the Holden Commodore in Australia, upon which the G8 is based, so it's not like the car can't take one.

Thanks for the tip, Hamburglar!

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