More details on how ZENN received safety mark from Transport Canada

Recently we told you about Transport Canada's sudden shift to give Zenn's low speed electric vehicles a safety mark. Here is how it all happened according to the CBC; After the TV report, which included Transport Canada failing to give a good reason on why they held back the safety mark, Ian Clifford, founder of the ZENN Motor Company, said "hundreds and hundreds of people wrote in and responded to what really was an outrageous situation federally." Even NDP Leader Jack Layton complained of "bureaucratic roadblocks" during a question period in the House of Commons.

Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon, said he was unaware of the situation until the TV report aired. Cannon looked into it and was told no safety mark was issued "because we were still waiting for information." Canon says "now that information has been tabled, the folks have looked at it and so we've issued the certificate." Clifford says he is "pleased and surprised" at receiving the market after a year and half of waiting. Clifford also said officials from Ontario and Quebec even told him they intend to introduce legislation soon on allowing low-speed vehicles on streets. British Columbia is currently the only Canadian province that lets low speed vehicles on the road.

[Source: CBC]

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