Zenn is now legal to drive on Canada's streets

Less than a week ago, we told you about a CBC report with Zenn complaining Transport Canada was not allowing its low speed vehicle to sold in Canada. The report included a regulatory enforcement engineer that explained they were not being allowed to be sold yet because they were going to change the law. Turns outs the idea of ex post facto is still around, so they got a National Safety Mark.
CBC confirmed they received the safety mark and Transport Canada says it's up to individual provinces and territories how to legislate which roads are allowed to be used by the cars. British Columbia is currently the only Canadian province that lets low speed vehicles on the road. So, don't be surprised if you see a Zenn on BC streets soon.

Cheers for the press shinning a light and probably solving this problem! Jeers for the provinces and territories not stepping up with legislation.

[Source: CBC and tipster Mike]

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