Canada is killing the electric car

Canadian-based Dynasty electric cars is ending production in Canada and moving over seas. Very soon Canadian-based electric car company Zenn may choose to give up on Canada and move production as well. Why? The Canadian dollar reaching parity with the US dollar did not help much (imports from Canada are now much more expensive in the US) but the major reason is Canada's regulatory agency won't let Zenn or Dynasty sell their electric cars in Canada even when they are sold and celebrated all over the world.

CBC News gave Harry Baergen, a senior regulatory enforcement engineer at Transport Canada, a call and asked if Zenn meet regulations. Harry said "They haven't met our requirements yet, no." When asked about the specific regulation Harry said "They've showed us that it meets requirements as an LSV (low-speed vehicle)." So... ah, what's the problem, Harry? Harry says "Our definition is presently being clarified because there is a little bit of a broadness in it."

Zenn's founder Ian Clifford says it's a "different story ... every time" from Transport Canada and they get "road blocks thrown up in front of us every attempt." Ian says it's getting to the point now where we're almost giving up on Canada." Danny Epp, general manager at Dynasty electric cars has already given up saying the company is "not getting any support from the federal level."

Good luck with production overseas Dynasty. You might want to look into Asia and specifically countries like Thailand which has an eco car program. Unlike Canada, Thailand is actually changing laws to support electric car companies. This is another reason electric cars will become common place in Asia before it's normal in the Western world. You can watch the video of the CBC report below the fold.

Update: Dynasty is sold in Canada.

[Source: CBC News]

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