Spy shots: 13-foot long Mini SUV! Has BMW gone mad?

We noticed the Mini was getting a little bigger but we never expected this. Car Magazine has several spy photos of a Mini 4X4 SUV - well, a "lifestyle 4x4" SAV, which means sports activity vehicle, is what the marketing department is going with to hide the fact they are butchering the star brand of small car market. The Mini SAV is based on the Clubman but it's a little taller, has tail lights form an SUV, a new drive train in the rear that makes it all wheel drive and, I almost forget: It's 13 feet long (4000mm)! It's rumored they might call it Monte or Colorado and release it in 2009 for a wooping £20,000, making it the most expensive Mini as well as with the largest. In the article, Car Magazine asks "is this Mini marketing gone mad?" What's your answer?

[Source: Car Magazine via 4wheelsblog]

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