SEMA 2007: Michelin Supercar Display

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At last year's SEMA show, one of our favorite booths by far was the one from Michelin, which brought together the world's fastest supercars for one massive display of speed. We eagerly anticipated what they had in store for us this year, and we headed straight for it. It would have been virtually impossible for Michelin to top itself, but they sure made a stab at it. While last year focused on production cars, the display this year was broadened to feature tuner cars as well as race cars. Taking the unique approach of having a production model, tuner version and race car from three prominent manufacturers, Michelin showed us that they build a tire for all sectors of the automotive kingdom. While we were particularly fond of the Audi R8 by APR, there was also a Champion Motorsport F77 Turbo and out back a Lingenfelter Corvette sporting 1,100 HP. Race cars included the R10 from Audi, an RS Spyder from Porsche, and a Corvette C6.R as well. While a production R8 and GT3 RS represented the stock crowd for the German marques, the Corvette slot was left suspiciously vacant, perhaps giving us a preview of what shoes the ZR1 might be donning for its debut. Nice follow-up, Michelin.

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