Chevy Volt production possibilities: 100,000? 60,000? Same as it ever was

When General Motors unveiled the Chevy Volt back in January, here's what our own Sam Abuelsamid reported as far as possible production numbers:

GM's goal was to create an electric car that would not force users to plan their travel around the next charging session, while still providing all the capabilities of a standard four door, standard compact car and produce it in quantities of 100,000+ per year.

In August, we were talking about 60,000 Volts per year, something the president of Advanced Automotive Batteries said was "totally ridiculous at this point. To reach that level by 2010, they'd need to be placing the orders right now."

Well, now that GM has gotten its hands on some of the Volt's prototype lithium-ion batteries, the talk of how many Volts might be available each year is back in the news. Alas, there's nothing new to reoprt. WIRED's Chuck Squatriglia sees GM's Bob Lutz talking about a range between the numbers we've heard already. Lutz didn't give concrete numbers, but did say, "it's a very safe bet it will be produced in the tens of thousands. This is not sanctioned, not an official GM number, but in the first full year of production I would like to see between 60,000 and 100,000 and then go up from there."

Guess we'll have to keep waiting. 2010 is a long ways away.

[Source: WIRED, Chuck Squatriglia]

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