Chrysler said to be planning wake for Magnum, Pacifica, PT Cruiser

According to The Detroit News, Chrysler's product-cutting plan is all but official. The first three models on the chopping block, according to the newspaper's unnamed sources, are the Magnum, Pacifica and the PT Cruiser. The next round could include the Jeep Commander if it doesn't get its act together.
Sales on the first three models were down as much as 32% through September, and the company's new boss, Bob Nardelli, isn't in a playing-around mood. Company insiders have told the Det News that Nardelli is taking very close looks at the current lineup and isn't exactly thrilled. Supposedly, Dodge's Dakota and Avenger and Chrysler's Sebring are also feeling the Nardelli heat. The newspaper quotes Nardelli as saying, "I'm not a designer, but I'm a consumer," he said. "Rather than deny some of the (negative) reports that are out there you kind of embrace them and say, what do we want to do to take our vehicle from where it is to where consumers want it to be?"

So how many of you reading that actually said out loud, "It's about damned time!" Nardelli sounds like a guy who doesn't mess around, who seems to know his company's products aren't up to snuff, and who's willing to do just about anything to fix them. Sebring and Avenger aren't exactly blockbuster designs, and if Chrysler must amputate them to stay alive, we say go for it.

We hate to see wagons disappear from the domestics' lineup again, but overall, this is a good sign and we can't wait to see what Nardelli does with future offerings.

By the way, Mr. Nardelli. Can we nominate the Aspen and Compass for some critical evaluation, too? Thanks.

[Source: The Detroit News]

Thanks, Mike, for the tip!

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