SEMA 2007: Cadillac CTS Sport Concept in the metal

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The new Cadillac CTS already has enough angles to get an A in geometry. If you take all those angles and sharpen them up Reventon-style, then sneeze some carbon fiber at it, you get this: the Cadillac CTS Sport Concept. This is the kind of exercise that could tip over into "whoa," but all thanks be to GM that it doesn't. Well, except for the 20-inch dubs and yellow brake calipers, but we can let a little excess slide -- it is SEMA after all.

Carbon fiber makes copious appearances on the altered front and rear fascias and trims things like the fender extractors. LED beauty is the order of the day, with LED trim in the headlights, a beautiful set of export taillights (and why don't we get those?), and LEDs in the brake ducts in the lower front fascia. And there are two words for the OnStar antenna: land shark. Go-time comes courtesy of the 304-hp 3.6L engine with a cat-back exhaust blowing out 3.5-inch square, chromed apertures. And check out that rear diffuser. Hot.

Inside sources tell us that you're basically looking at the body of the forthcoming CTS-V here, so soak it up in the high-res gallery below.

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