Crazy rich guy attempts to legalize Ferrari FXX for the street

Hey, wait a minute – we thought you couldn't actually purchase the Ferrari FXX, let alone take one out to cavort on the streets of Switzerland. The way it was originally explained, people with 2.5 million dollars to dispose of could purchase the privelege to plant their hindquarters in the driver's seat for Maranello-sanctioned track events. You've got to have some serious juice to get an FXX to begin with, and then to get it legalized for use in Switzerland takes even more pull. When we say "crazy rich" we don't mean nutty with lots of money. "Crazy rich" in this instance means Scrooge McDuck style swimming in dubloons. Looking in the background of these pictures, you can see lesser vehicles fleeing for their lives. The FXX is keeping a particularly close eye on a tasty Fiat at one point. What's apparently going down in the photos is an FXX getting legally tagged for street driving after being gone over by inspectors in Zurich. The price of the inspection and tags was reportedly around $250,000, a mere ten percent of the initial cost. With an FXX as your personal car, you won't have to worry about blending in, and we must say it's refreshing to see a Ferrari in a color besides Rosso Corsa.

Thanks for the tip, catgirlshyla!

[Source: Final Gear, Photo: Iwan]

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