Carlist's Lou Ann Hammond fills up at the plug

Lou Ann Hammond is getting ready to drive the future. Solar panels, a smart meter and - at some point - a plug in car like the Chevy Volt or PHEV Prius. Gritty planning details are in Hammond's post over at Carlist, which is worth reading.

Hammond lives in Placer County, California and gets electricity from Pacific Gas and Electric. All California customers will soon get a smart meter for their house, which communicates with a satellite and bills them based not only on electricity usage but also by when that juice is used. As you can read in the original post, Hammond expects to spend almost $27,000 on energy over the next decade. Sure makes a lot of sense to try and figure out how best to spend that kind of money, and Hammond does a lot of number crunching (but doesn't get to obvious answers) on whether or not to install $35,200 worth of solar panels on the roof. Hopefully this will be a question we can all reasonably ask ourselves in the not-too-distant future.

[Source: Carlist / Lou Ann Hammond]

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