Fiat 500 wins Eurocarbody 2007 award

Fiat has just shown that you don't have to be huge to win a car body award. The company just won the Eurocarbody award, which is defined as "the annual Innovation Prize and the worldwide highest accolade of Automotive Circle International awarded for trailblazing engineering contributions to series developments in car body lightweight design and manufacturing," for the Fiat 500. The award was given during an event in Bad Nauheim/Frankfurt, Germany from 16 to 18 October, attended by 600 experts in the development of the design, materials, processes and manufacturing of car bodies.

This means that the 3.5 meter-long car (11 ft 8 in) has proved itself not only beautiful, but also safe (it got a Euro NCAP 5-star rating) and of high quality. To see how stiff the competition was, view the full list of awardees after the jump.

[Source: Fiat & Automotive Circle]
  1. Fiat 500
  2. Renault Laguna III
  3. Daimler C-Class
  4. Volvo V70/XC70
  5. Ford Mondeo
  6. Honda Accord
  7. Audi A5
  8. Nissan Qashqai
  9. Land Rover Freelander 2
  10. Lada 2116 Sedan
  11. Rolls Royce Phantom Cabrio
  12. Opel Antara

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